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The customers which we supply most are:
  • Importers and wholesalers of used clothing ( NORTH-, EAST-, SOUTH- AND WEST AFRICA )
  • The processing industry ( INDIA AND PAKISTAN )
  • Secondhand shop chains where the top-quality, still useable clothing is concerned ( RUSSIA AND EASTERN EUROPE )
  • Companies specializing in the production of cleaning cloths ( WEST- AND EAST EUROPE )
Hoba Holland IJmuiden B.V. has the experience to export to almost every part of the world.

The current consumer markets are:
  • Africa
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Far East
  • Russia
  • Pakistan/India
Our products are shipped in small bales (45-75 kg) and/or in large bales (350-500kg) in 20 and 40ft containers.